Although the founder already had a full-time job as a Process Manufacturing Engineer, he really wanted to get back to Mechanical Design and responded to a Craigslist job ad. Here is where it all began. It all started with a part-time Mechanical Engineer interview with Creative Machines in 2016. With experience as an Aeronautical Engineer in designing, simulating and developing aerospace mechanical components, it was quite easy to land the job offer. 

Unfortunately, with student loans and credit card debt, he had to decline. This part-time job was only offered from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm which would conflict with his steady, predictable full-time job income as a Process Manufacturing Engineer. Nonetheless, the interviewer was quite impressed and referred him to a local artist seeking engineering help at low cost with a flexible schedule. 

Here’s where it really started. Structural frame design and FEA analysis on a 10 ft upright Burning Man sculpture with an assumption of 100 mph winds and a factor of safety of 10 using McMaster structural framing pipping and fittings. The results, 22% difference from what a licensed Structural Engineer calculated with a seal and stamp of approval from the city. Soon after, he expanded his network with real estate investors and construction firms but ultimately, things slowed down. 

By this time, he had changed positions and relocated to California. With the recent acquisition of a 3D printer, he put his CAD skills to work and turned his hobby into small 3D printed gifts and small tools. With the flexibility and economical advantage when compared to local tooling shops, his demand began to increase with a quick ROI which lead to the formation of this website. 

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