A few fun facts about myself

  • I'm a full blown night owl

  • I'm averaging 4 hrs and 31 mins of sleep this year

  • I like taking things apart and love building things

  • As a child I was always fascinated by ATV's, boats and airplanes

  • I lived in Florida, Kansas, Washington, Arizona and California

  • Last time I checked my FICO score it was over 800

  • I love learning new things although I hate reading (audible and youtube is my way)

  • The first time I gave blood I passed out

  • I had a myspace account

  • My favorite color is blue

  • I love coffee & hate cancer

  • I'm a preemie baby, the eldest in my family and the first grandchild in my family

  • I'm a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z & The Simpsons

  • I love flying my DJI Phantom drone

  • I have a rabbit named Dexter

  • I prefer Tequila over anything else besides maybe Buchanan's with club soda

  • I love to play paintball but don't watch sports

  • My favorite meal is a Sonoran Hot Dog without onions and 3 carne asada tacos from BK's

  • My dream is to design my own sleeper paintball marker and become a business owner



Understanding who I am as a person

As an engineer at heart with an entrepreneur spirit and desire to learn new things, it's hard to find free time. But when I do, I like going on walks, spending time with my family, star gazing, eating pizza and love watching movies in the front section of the movie theater. If I happen to have a stressful day at work, the best medicine for me is to head downtown for a slice of pizza or maybe a drink with my partner in crime. Of course, all these experiences are amplified when our friends join in the fun.

On our more adventurous days, we gear up and hit the trails on 4X4's ready with ATV's, food and some firepower for an extra kick. Some days we head out to the desert, some days up to the mountains, some days upstate to ski and if I'm lucky a paintball field trip. I love having cookouts with good friends and staying up until the sunrise.

If I'm fortunate to carve a few days off from my full-time job, I enjoy traveling and trying new things. A few places I have been include; NYC, Miami, San Francisco, Mexico City and the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. I would love to see the Northern Lights, visit Tokyo and get married in Bora Bora. 

Others describe me as ambitious, nerdy, a goofball and compassionate. I thoroughly enjoy mentoring and volunteering. I've volunteered in several charity events to support the fight against cancer and to promote higher education among the youth. 




My journey in becoming an engineer starting from college to really buckling down at Embry-Riddle has been one of the proudest accomplishments in my life. Although I had landed to what I thought was my dream job as an Aeronautical Engineer before graduating, it had soon disappeared. With the government shutdown of late 2013 causing my layoff in 2014 and the passing of my father during that same time, I felt I had hit rock bottom.

With a single year of engineering experience under my belt and my father passing away, I struggled with finding another engineering opportunity and had no choice but to move back to Arizona. My life had changed. The passing of my dad was beyond heartbreaking. My quality of life had changed from holding the title of an Aeronautical Engineer designing, optimizing and simulating aerospace components to working as a Contact Center Agent.  I was devastated. 

Although I was able to quickly move up in rank, receive promotions and become known as one of the top agents, my passion was engineering. In fact, in 2016 I sacrificed a pay cut to take on the role of a Manufacturing Process Engineer. Many questioned my decision, but I knew. I knew this would be my foot in the door. And it was. 

Although I genuinely aimed at making this my permanent role, I quickly realized that this company was not for me. The job conditions were extremely uncomfortable. Imagine having to work with safety glasses, ear plugs, kevlar sleeves, steel-toed shoes and in 100 degree weather in front of a computer. This was not my idea of a career.

But I learned something. I noticed that many of my coworkers had so much potential to become more, yet many purposely stayed in their place. As one coworker put it:

"I'm comfortable here and don't want to leave my comfort zone. You get used to this." - Anonymous. 


Starting as an entrepreneur

During one of my study sessions at Cartel Coffee Lab, while browsing Craigslist, I found an ad for a part-time Mechanical Design Engineer. Here’s where it really started. 

Cartell Coffe.jpg

I got the job offer! However, I wasn't prepared to accept a new 9-5 position that could only guarantee an income for a pair of months. But, I scored a referral from the interviewer with a local artist. Next thing I knew, I accepted my very first gig to design a structural frame and build an FEA model. So I had to quickly come up with a name and the best I could do was to use my email address, "Zacarias Engineering." Eventually, my life would change again when I accepted a permanent position in California as a Manufacturing Engineer in the industry I love, aerospace. 

Little did I know that this whole experience of what I felt as being on top of the world to hitting rock bottom would open my eyes. To date, this continues to play a significant role in who I'm becoming and continues to propel me to continue improving. 



What I've done & what I can do

Feel free to take a deeper look at what I've accomplished over the years and what I'm able to do for you. My resume goes over the standard items, but please understand that I don't embellish my capabilities (no good ever comes out of that).



  • CATIA V5
    • Part Design
    • Assembly Design
  • Microsoft Office:
    • Excel
    • Powerpoint
    • Publisher
    • Word


  • SolidWorks
  • DraftSight
  • MatLab
  • SimuLink
  • NX Nastran
  • Femap
  • Datcom
  • MS Visio
  • MS Project


Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering
May 2013

  • Internal Structural Design
  • Stress Analysis
  • Stability, Controllability & Flight Testing of Aircrafts


Associates of Science
May 2009

  • Mathematics 
  • Science
  • Engineering

Associates of LIberal Arts
May 2009

  • Biological & Physical Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences


Associates of General Studies
May 2013

  • Communication
  • Analysis & Critical Thingking
  • Computer & Information Literacy

Work Experience

Zacarias Engineering, June 2016 - Present

  • Design, simulate & optimize a variety of products based on customer requirements
  • Develop 3D models, assembly/technical drawings & contributed design modifications to facilitate manufacturing operations using SolidWorks & Catia V5
  • Economic Visual Management System Development with an internet-based interface
  • 3D Printing services using PLA & ABS
  • Model floor plans used for the construction of homes & buildings
  • Managed tasks & presented progress to clients using MS Office
  • Verified feasibility using analytical/technical skills & engineering analysis coinciding with CAD & FEA software


LEAN estates, January 2017 - Present

  • Oversee the investment process for property acquisitions, commercial leasing & business funding
  • Business plan development
  • Manage portfolio risk, perform qualitative and quantitative research on properties, industry, marketplace, customers and competitors
  • Analysis of property values, taxes, zoning, population growth, traffic volume and patterns to determine profitability of investments
  • Develop 5 year financial models and projections to determine Cash Flow, Expenses, Cap Rate, Future Equity Appreciation, GRM, Cash-on-Cash, etc.
  • Develop acquisition processes and standard operations procedures aligned with business model in order to meet company deadlines and milestones to meet ROI's
  • Negotiation with Realtors, Selling Agents and Private Owners with emphasis in Creative Financing


Zodiac Aerospace, October 2016 - Present

  • Supporting production in Final Assembly with focal point in Composite Bonding subassemblies in new start-up programs
  • Represent production by providing delivery impact during Preliminary Design, Key Characteristics & Readiness Reviews
  • Provide Technical Tool Design & Engineering Drawing review through inspection of Key Characteristics & lessons learned
  • Facilitating the QRQC methodology to drive a culture of detecting & solving problems aimed to improve KPI metrics
  • Root Cause Analysis using 5W2H, Factor Tree Analysis & 5W5E’s to drive technical & systematic corrective actions
  • Provided evidence & analysis to initiate a design change resulting in a 18 min decrease of rework time & 37% improved QA
  • Initiate time studies to balance new start-up program assembly lines while incorporating Rating & PF&D factors
  • Learning Catia V5 to design, optimize & develop Kanban/2-Bin fixtures while supplying engineering drawings for assembly
  • Successfully designed, coordinated & implemented two 30’ X 8’ X 3’ Kanban racks one resulting in a 36% increase in production delivery and the other currently in progress
  • Conduct quarterly 5S Audits to mentor & drive a continuous improvement culture while building rapport with production 


Johnson Controls, April 2016 - September 2016

  • Developed manufacturing processes by studying product requirements, demand & applying LEAN tools
  • Lead Kaizen events by leading teams of production personnel to ID bottlenecks & develop improvement action plan
  • Improved manufacturing efficiency by analyzing work flow, space requirements & equipment layout using AutoCAD
  • Responsible for performing time studies, process & data analysis, production line balancing & production support
  • Used advanced Excel formulas such as VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, SUMIFS, INDEX, MATCH, etc. to analyze raw data
  • Developed & maintained Operation Description Sheets & Work Instructions to guide production in the assembly of products
  • Used SolidWorks to design & develop Kanban/fixtures while collaborating with engineering & the maintenance team to build


Centene Corporation, August 2015 - April 2016

  • Liaison between the health plan, providers & members
  • Sharped my skills in using sympathy & empathy to train & communicate with customers & colleagues
  • Used listening skills to successfully negotiate resolutions in a sympathetic/empathetic approach while maintaining control of call
  • Applied LEAN tools to multi-task & navigate multiple systems quickly & accurately in a fast-paced environment while exceeding quality standards
  • Responded to telephone or written correspondence inquiries from providers within established time-frames utilizing current reference materials & available resources
  • Excelled performance & quality standards based on established contact center metrics including turn-around times
  • Researched & identified any processing inaccuracies & escalated to the appropriate site operations team for adjustments
  • Identified trends to provide policy or process improvements to support excellent customer service, quality improvement & call reduction
  • Independently gathered daily stats to analyze trends and initiate self-continuous improvement action plan


C3/CustomerContactChannels, November 2014 - August 2015

  • Responsible in answering inquiries by researching, exploring & clarifying desired information in a professional manner
  • Successfully negotiating resolutions in a sympathetic/empathetic approach while maintaining control of call
  • Applied & coached LEAN tools to multi-task & navigate multiple systems quickly & accurately in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to accept & implement new business regulations, policies & procedures


Stirling Dynamics, July 2013 - June 2014

  • Designed, simulated, optimized & developed innovative refueling probe components that eliminates F.O.D. 
  • Verified feasibility using analytical/technical skills & engineering analysis coinciding with NX Nastran & FEMAP models
  • Utilized conventional methods/hand calculations using standard references like Bruhn / Niu / Flabel / MIL-STD etc.
  • Created & incorporated mathematical formulas to create & initialize structural sizing of components within M.S & F.S.
  • Developed 3D models, assembly/technical drawings, modified existing designs & contributed design modifications to facilitate manufacturing operations using SolidWorks
  • Simulated dynamics of hose whip, cam & follower behavior used during aerial refueling within Matlab/SimMechanics
  • Successfully collaborated with cross-functional engineers through verbal/written communication to meet project deadlines
  • Managed tasks, prepared technical reports & presented progress to clients & upper management using MS Office


GE Aviation, May 2012 - August 2012

  • ·Applied LEAN tools & techniques to reduce cycle-time & production cost while driving continuous improvement
  • Quickly learned new software to run a portable coordinate measuring machine to decrease use of controlled environment room
  • Developed a technical user’s manual & coached technicians regarding the use of a new portable coordinate measuring machine
  • Gained experience in project management by using visual project timelines & identifying milestones


Agricola El Rancho Las Ranas, May 2011 - August 2011

  • Lead a 40+ team to cut cost, quality & to maximize production sales surpassing our direct competitor  
  • Maintained workflow by monitoring steps of processes, identifying variables, bottlenecks & stopping the line to resolve issues

  • Initiated & implemented visual KPI’s to drive friendly competition among employees resulting in an increase of production

  • Initiated the design & development of a production fixture to decrease process time & fatigue resulting in a ~38% time decrease


TeleTech, June 2007 - June 2009

  • Multi-tasked in an extremely fast-paced environment
  • Answered inquiries by clarifying desired information & resolving problems
  • Researched, explored & successfully negotiated resolutions with irate customers while escalating unresolved problems when absolutely necessary
  • Sold additional services by recognizing opportunities to up-sell accounts
  • Liaison between customer service & delivery center to coordinate & resolve critical inquiries
  • Tracked packages by researching, locating, & providing quick & accurate information


Arizona Records, May 2004 - May 2007

  • Supervised 8 employees
  • Completed store operational requirements by scheduling & assigning employees
  • Formulated pricing policies by reviewing merchandising activities
  • Marketed merchandise by studying advertising, sales promotion & display plans
  • Secured merchandise by implementing security systems & quality plan
  • Ensured availability of merchandise & services by following consumer trends
  • Maintained the stability and reputation of the store by complying with legal requirements