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Bring Your Ideas to Life or Have Us Design Your Product 

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Capabilities & Services

Starting with our most popular service of 3D printing to CAD design and FEA analysis using commercial software such as Catia V5, SolidWorks, Femap, NASTRAN, MATLAB and other various programs. 

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Rapid Prototyping

You think it, we help you design it or simply send us your CAD model and we'll 3D Print it for you. Or maybe you saw something on Thingiverse and don't have a way to print it yourself? Send us your Thingiverse link and we'll only charge you material, machine time and shipping. We can deliver! Browse Thingiverse here -> Thingiverse


CAD Models & Analysis

We use Catia V5 and Solidworks to create and or modify CAD models and perform FEA analysis. Among our popular CAD models are industrial furnishings and fixtures made up of Bosch 40mm X 40mm T-Slotted and EchoShape framing. Installations range from standard computer Kiosks to 30+ ft Kanbans. Specifically, with Catia V5 we have licenses to support: 

  • Part Design

  • Assembly Design

  • Weld Design

  • Mold Tool Design

  • Structure Design

  • 2D Layout for 3D Design

  • Drafting

  • Composite Grid Design

  • Sheet Metal Design

  • Sheet Metal Production

  • Composites Design

  • Wireframe and Surface Design

  • Generative Sheetmetal Design

  • Sketch Tracer

  • Generative Shape Design

  • Generative Structural Analysis (FEA)

  • Plant Layout

  • Lathe Machining

  • Surface Machining

  • NC Manufacturing Review


Engineering Consultation

With over 8 years of experience in Aeronautical, Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing engineering, we are profoundly knowledgeable in Continuous Improvement, Solid Mechanics, Aeronautics and LEAN methodologies. Whether you are trying to analyze a part or trying to improve your processes, we provide free consultations with a focus in small businesses. Areas of interest and expertise includes::

  • Solid Mechanics

  • Structural Anlaysis

  • Line Balancing

  • LEAN Six Sigma

  • Operational Excellence