Smart Mirror - 43' Display

Smart Mirror - 43' Display


43' display Smart Mirror. Item includes; 39' LCD, Raspberry Pi 3 with Bluetooth and wifi capabilities, custom 3D PLA printed LCD brackets, frame, glass cover with one-way mirror film with optional PVC piping to hide electrical wiring. the Basic modules include; Clock, Calendar, Current Weather, Weather Forecast, News Feed, Compliments & Hello World. Other optional modules include; Alexa & Google Assist integration, Trello Card Displays, Stock Tickers, Currency Exchange, Webcam video feed, Google Fit Stats, Fitbit Stats, local transportation times, fuel prices... the list goes on.

The following modules are installed by default.

For more available modules, check out out the wiki page MagicMirror² 3rd Party Modules. If you want to build your own modules, check out the MagicMirror² Module Development Documentation and don't forget to add it to the wiki and the forum!



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