3D Printed Custom Plaque

3D Printed Custom Plaque


Are you looking for a thoughtful personalized gift? We offer 3D printed custom plaques in various sizes and colors. Sizes can range from 6 in. X 6 in. X 0.25 in. and up to approximately 20 in. X 20 in. X 2 in. Feel free to give us a call, send us an email or even a message through Facebook Here.

Not sure what colors to choose? Visit our Materials and Colors page to see what’s available. Yes, we do ship within the United States starting at $5.00 via USPS with tracking number or you can even stop by our shop for local pick ups. Ask us for details.



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For more advanced options such as:

  • Layer Height (mm)

  • Infill Density (%)

  • Wall Thickness (mm)

  • Bottom/Top Thickness (mm)

  • Infill Pattern

  • Infill Overlap (%)

  • Skin Type

  • Bed Adhesion Type

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